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Charles Tennant & Co. Ireland

Charles Tennant & Co. have been serving a wide range of industries in Ireland since 1810 and currently operate from our 27,000 sq.ft warehouse/office complex close to the N7, junction 4 (Rathcoole).

Our product range has continually changed and continues to do so, reflecting the needs of Irish industry. Principles represented include several national and international companies. The product range manufactured by other Tennant group companies are also marketed including Formaldehydes.

Industries served include:

  • Agriculture,
  • Construction,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Healthcare,
  • Paint/Ink Manufacture,
  • UPVC Manufacture and
  • Aircraft Overhaul.

Charles Tennant & Co. warehouse and distribute a large range of HDPE plastic containers, ranging from 250ml up to 25ltr, used as packaging for the chemical, food and beverage industries as well as the pharmaceutical sector.

As part of our quality service we continue to source new materials as specified by our customers. We also assist our partners in complying with all current and proposed legislation.

Background to The Tennant Group

Tennants, pioneers in the chemical industry, had their origins in Glasgow as far back as 1797, when the first products produced by the founder Charles Tennant were Chlor alkalies needed at that time to speed the Bleaching of Textiles.

During the founder’s life the seeds of the Tennant Group of Companies were sown.  A branch office was opened in Dublin as early as 1810 and has continued to trade in Eire since that date.

There has of course been continual change and evolution, but the basic pattern has not altered.  Our wide range of chemicals, raw materials and building materials are carefully chosen and continually reviewed to meet the ever changing needs of industry.  Principals represented include several national and multinational companies.

Additionally, to enable Tennants to meet the trend towards the increased globalisation of businesses we have become partners in Penta, a major chemical distributor alliance based in Europe. This enables us to offer best in class solutions for suppliers and customers throughout mainland Europe, with links to other chemical alliances worldwide.


Members of NSAI, SQAS, UFAS, IACI, Repak