Liquafix S

Renew Your Driveway with Liquafix S
Liquafix S is a polymer modified bituminous coating material which has been developed especially for the protection of a variety of surfaces. The coating is ideal for the rejuvenation of old worn / stained tarmac surfaces.

Liquafix S restores the appearance and coats the surface leaving behind a renewed fresh uniform finish.

Liquafix S is also ideally suited for use as a protection to silage pit walls and floors, slurry tanks, metal sheeting and fittings.

Liquafix S is sold in 10 litre and 25 litre drums. It is also sold in 200 litre IBC’s.


  • Remove dirt and loose material buy brushing / power hosing to a clean finish.
  • Repair any surface defects
  • Apply Liquafix S by roller / squeegee
  • Allow to dry (4-6 hours – depending on conditions)

Usage Areas – Tarmac & Concrete Surfaces
Drying Times – Touch dry in 4-6 hours approximately
Dilution – Dilute with White Spirits, 5:1 Liquafix S : White Spirits (approx.)
Coverage – 4m2 per litre on a smooth surface, lower when surface is porous (Approximation)

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