Plastic HDPE Blow Moulded containers from 500ml to 25 Litres

Supplier of Boron based chemistry for Fertilizer and Pharmaceutical Industry

Potassium Permanganate for the treatment of Potable water and Waste water systems

Manufacturer of Aroma Chemicals and Acetate Ester Chemicals

Manufacturer of Peroxides and Peracetic Acid

Phosphates for Food, Feed and Pharma Industries

Manufacture of HDPE Blow Moulds Plastic containers from 250ml to 25Litre

We have longstanding relationships across the Ineos Group of companies

Manufacturers of Glycerine, Fatty Acids and Derivatives

Irelands leading supplier of Cement

Supplier of Steel and Synthetic Fibres for Concrete and Precast Concrete

Manufacturers of Lanolin based products

Manufacture of Lithium based Chemicals

Surfacing Finishing Specialty Chemicals for the Metal Industry

NDT chemicals and Fluorescent Penetrant for the Aerospace Industry

Foam Control Agents and Silicone Emulsions

Potassium, Sodium and Lithium Silicates

Sasol’s range of Surfactants and Solvents

High purity White oils and Petroleum Jellies

Leading manufacturer of Formaldehyde based products

Supplier of Iron Oxide Pigments for the Construction Industry

Biocidal in-can, dry-film and plant hygiene maintenance products

Manufacturer of Potassium Hydroxide